General Terms and Conditions

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Deliveries will be effected exclusively on the basis of the following General Terms and Conditions of Trade.

Agreements inconsistent with these general terms are subject to approval of Süddeutsche Haarveredlung Fischbach + Miller GmbH + Co. KG.

Our quotes are without engagement. The indications of sizes, measurements, weights and colours mentioned in the price list are benchmarks and serve to the customer´s information. Our written quotes remain only valid by ordering within one month. To the indicated prices the German VAT (value added tax) will be added if we are not provided with your respective international trade VAT-number (in the case of European Union Member States).

We deliver ex works, shipment charged to the customer. We reserve the right to supply part deliveries whenever this seems to be beneficial to a quick processing of orders. By handing over the consignment to the forwarder (postal operator, UPS and so on…) the risk of transport is transferred to the customer. To lower this risk of transport for the customer consignments are therefore covered by transport insurance. Costs for shipment, packing and insurance are charged to the customer. The packing is charged at cost price. Orders of new customers or of unknown customers will only be delivered against cash on delivery, payment in advance or payment by credit card.

Customers are obliged to advise apparent flaws within 10 days after receipt of goods. If flaws are discovered at a later point in time the customer has no more rights to require any claims regarding these flaws. We are entitled to supply corrections of defects or replacement deliveries of the complained goods. If replacement delivery or correction of defects is impossible or correction of defects and replacement delivery were completed ineffective twice, the customer is entitled to require withdrawel from contract of purchase or reduction of purchase price as correction of defects or replacement delivery has failed. This right of the customer applies also in the case Süddeutsche Haarveredlung Fischbach + Miller GmbH + Co. KG refuses in an unauthorized way to supply correction of defects or replacement delivery or if an appropriate time limit fixed by the customer expires without Süddeutsche Haarveredlung Fischbach + Miller GmbH + Co. KG having supplied corrections of defects nor replacement deliveries.

Return shipments are subject to our authorization and have to be sent sufficiently stamped.

All delivered goods remain the property of Süddeutsche Haarveredlung Fischbach + Miller GmbH + Co. KG, until payment is completely fulfilled. The customer is not entitled either to pledge or to transfer ownership of the delivered goods by way of security to third parties (goods subject to retention of title).

Terms of payment: 30 days after billing. If this agreed period of payment is not kept we will charge default interests to the amount of 5 % of the discount rate. Place of fulfilment for deliveries and payments is Laupheim, Germany.

Hair replacements, wigs as well as all other hair products cannot be taken back nor exchanged. By re-styling, cleaning and dyeing of used hair replacements and manufactured goods by other companies all risks will be excluded. For hygienic reasons used hair replacements will always be cleaned before being processed. The accruing costs will be charged in general.

Liability will be excluded for damages due to unpropriate application, use and care of our hair products. Therefore we kindly request our customers to examine always and in any case the goods delivered before processing. For our HAIR ACT products the special HAIR ACT care products may be used only. Real hair is a natural product and therefore slight deviations in quality and colour may occur. Recommendations and instructions for use are without obligation.

If events of force majeure such as wars, national civil disturbances, regulatory action, as well as company disturbances, strikes, exclusions from work, complete or partial closure of our company occur at Süddeutsche Haarveredlung Fischbach + Miller GmbH + Co. KG or in the companies of our suppliers we will be released from any claims of liability and obligations for deliveries and are entitled to withdraw from purchase contracts. For small orders which are very labour intensive we will charge our extra costs accordingly.

By publication of a new price list all previous pricelists and quotes expire. All our illustrations, sketches, drawings and so on remain our unrestricted property. It is prohibited to copy them and to make them available for third parties without our authorization. Abuse will be prosecuted.

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